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John Deere 1200A

John Deere 1200A Undergoing refurbishment Rebuilt engine + Front plow, Center scarifier and Rear rake Quantity: 1  Our Price: $12,000


Toro Sand Pro 5040

Toro Sand Pro 5040 Building another unit with new engine Coming available Options listed below Build to order Center scarifier, rear tooth rake, OAS drag mat and carrier,Curb edger,Front plow Sample photo shown Quantity: 1  Our Price: TBD   Retail Price: $30,000+


Toro Sand Pro 2040Z

Toro Sand Pro 2040Z 2015 with ONLY 85 Hrs. Rear flex rake and Nail Drag/Field Scarifier Located in Palm Springs Shown before clean up and service Quantity: 1  Our Price: $7,500 Retail Price: $21,000